Fried pigeon breast

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Duck breast is a good alternative, if pigeon breasts are hard to get hold of, in this deliciously healthy salad. Shopping list. For the salad, place the beetroot into a saucepan and cover with water.

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Last Autumn I acquired some medlars. I had no idea what to do with them, just a fascination with these fruits that you needed to rot before they were ready to use…I think my original plan was to make medlar cheese, but when they had bletted rotted there were not really enough of them. So I made a confit by bletting them, squidging them into a pan and adding an equal quantity of honey, then boiling up till I had something approaching a medlar jam or confit.

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Impress your guests with this seared pigeon breast with a sweet balsamic glaze that balances the salty taste of smoky lardon chunks with the rich, gamey meat. They invited us to join them for an action-packed few days of food, fun and even more food. Over the course of a long weekend, we drank wine, played games and watched shooting stars while lounging next to an enormous fire in the garden.

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T he little pigeons I bought this week, chubby, perfect with no dark red bruises or split skin came from the butcher plucked, gutted and ready for the oven, but I wanted to grill them, so out came the kitchen scissors and my heaviest knife. This allows the heat to get right inside on or under the grill. I was taught to impale birds the same way you spatchcock a poussin, on two metal skewers, which allows the heat to penetrate while keeping the birds flat, but I have never really found that necessary with small, fatless birds like pigeon. A good trickle of olive oil is needed to moisten their thin skin, then some crushed peppercorns, sea salt and juniper berries to scatter over.

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Flying Steak Sandwich Delicious pigeon breasts with caramelised onions. Serves 4. Cooks In 55 minutes.

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Gordon loves cooking and experimenting with food. He loves making new dishes, particularly with unusual or underused ingredients. Pigeon is like most other types of wild game in that it must be cooked either very quickly or very slowly.

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We now have early pigeon in the shop, they are plump from feeding in the fields on corn and other cereal crops. Pigeons are a meaty bird with a distinctive gamey flavour and rich, coloured meat. The young birds are the best for roasting or pan frying as they have tender meat.

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Pigeon breast can be pan-fried in just a few minutes on each side to achieve a golden-brown finish with a lovely pink middle. Ideally, choose young birds which have paler, more tender meat. If buying wild pigeon, only buy from a reputable source and carefully check over the meat, avoiding birds with bruised or torn flesh.

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I made this a few days ago when we got back in a rush and needed to rustle up something for the kids in short order. Quick, simple and delicious. When smoking hot, put in the pigeon breast and quickly stir fry until sealed all over.

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Blissfully cheap — a brace will not set you back more than a fiver. If you have whole pigeons, do not worry — filleting the breasts is really easy. Make an incision with a sharp knife very close to the breast bone, then gently prise the meat off using the knife.


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