Bethel amateur radio club

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Our meetings are a great place to get started in Amateur Radio. In Amateur Radio everyone likes to talk about their rigs and share information - it's a learning experience for all. You may even meet your "Elmer" HAM mentor to help you along.

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By Frank Juliano and Alex Wolff. Even in these days of incessant tweets, texts and Facebook posts, a century-old form of social media is drawing new enthusiasts by embracing the latest technology. Members of amateur, or ham, radio clubs in the area may use everything from a telegraph key and Morse code to satellites to transmit video, digital data and voice communications.

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Please use other repeaters in the county. Cherry Rd. RSVP by sending an email to k4bsc comporium.

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The repeaters include four types of systems including FM voice, digital voice, digital data and packet. Two Mhz D-Star repeaters provide simultaneous digital voice and lo-speed data transmission with speeds up to 4. Two 1. An RMS packet server provides radio email service via the Winlink system.

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This page lists each local Amateur Radio Club ARC in Alaska that we are aware of, together with a brief description of their activities. Please note that some of these clubs meet on an irregular basis. Please click on the contact link, if there is one, for the latest information.

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Even in these days of incessant tweets, texts and Facebook posts, a century-old form of social media is drawing new enthusiasts by embracing the latest technology. The exam for the basic FCC license required to operate an amateur radio no longer requires the knowledge of Morse code, he said. Two computer screens track signal strength, location and the mode and frequency being used.

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Radio is a great hobby and one of the best ways to get involved is by joining a club. Click on the section below containing the first letter of the state you wish to view. Please note: the information posted in this listing is subject to constant change.

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Everyone is welcome!!! Amateur radio, is a noncommercial, licensed system of communication, and is as old as the medium of radio itself. Ham radio is a hobby to most participants, but hams are best known for the emergency communications they provide during disasters. Hams are licensed by their government to communicate both domestically and internationally on a wide variety of radio bands.

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Forgot Password? Amateur radio is alive and well inside Alaska. Ham Radio operators have supported public events and emergency response operations in Alaska for over 70 years. As you can see from the size comparison map, that is a lot of coverage.


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