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By jocstrapSeptember 21, in The Geek Club. We are adding on to our house, and I have to walk through our new living room to get to our new bedroom. We don't have blinds up yet, and the whole freakin neighborhood from the creek greenway can see my 10 incher: Ok maybe exagerrating a little.

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One of the best things about being home alone is being able to walk around the house as naked as I pleaseass out, with not a single care in this world. When my clothes come off, I feel like I'm shedding some sort of unnecessary weight in my emotions, as well. Something about my aura just feels lighter.

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When my first son was born, I pretty much spent a year with my tits out. And when sons number two and three arrived, each one got their year on the boob. Penises were penises, vaginas were vaginas and only breasts had alternative names see above. Chatting with other parents, I was shocked to hear how many kept their bits under wraps.

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Its a nice day, warm and your going to be by yourself for the whole day. Do you wear no clothes at all for at least a portion of that day? Never is there a case of paucity of worn clothes at my house

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Earlier today, I stumbled across an interesting article in which Dwyane Wade described how much he loves walking around his house naked. I was always the kind of guy who, even in my house by myself, I used to have shorts on. And I got to a point in age where I started feeling more comfortable being naked.

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So on Fridays, my husband goes into work early and I go into work at 1pm. It's become my thing to do some chores around the house, shower, then walk around the house naked! It's amazing, especially in this heat.

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M : Like the next nine months off. Take a week off. No worries. I see it all the time.

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Ashley Graham has been making waves in the fashion industry since the early Noughties, and now she's on track to be the first plus sized supermodel. Certainly, diversity is beginning to be championed in formerly conservative fields, and the people who promote alternative beauty ideals are finally being given the attention they're due. Case in point: Forbes' list of the highest-earning models of included a plus-sized model - Graham - for the first time in industry history.


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